OEM Cylinder assembly L.H. S6D125E-2 707-00-95120 14X-63-12221 bulldozer cylinder group lift L.H. suitable for KOMATSU

OEM Cylinder assembly L.H.  S6D125E-2 707-00-95120  14X-63-12221 bulldozer cylinder group lift L.H. suitable for KOMATSU

Cylinder Type: The cylinder assembly 14X-63-12221 is a hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic cylinders are widely used in industrial applications to convert fluid power into linear mechanical force and motion.

Size and Dimensions: The "14X-63-12221" designation typically indicates the size and dimensions of the cylinder assembly. Although the specific measurements may vary depending on the manufacturer and application, the "14X" generally represents a cylinder bore diameter of 14 inches, while "63" denotes the rod diameter in millimeters. The "12221" could refer to the overall length or a specific identification code used by the manufacturer.

Materials: The cylinder assembly is constructed from high-quality materials to ensure durability and efficient operation. Common materials used include:

a. Cylinder Barrel: The cylinder barrel is usually made of seamless steel tubing or a precision-honed steel tube. It provides the main body of the cylinder and houses the piston and other internal components.

b. Piston Rod: The piston rod is typically made of high-strength steel to withstand the forces exerted during operation. It connects the piston to the external load or mechanism.

c. Seals and O-Rings: Various seals and O-rings are used within the cylinder assembly to prevent leakage of hydraulic fluid and maintain pressure. These seals are often made of materials like rubber or polyurethane.

Operating Pressure and Force: The cylinder assembly has specific operating parameters, including maximum operating pressure and force. These specifications may vary depending on the application and manufacturer. It is crucial to operate the cylinder within its rated limits to ensure safe and efficient performance.

Mounting Options: The cylinder assembly may feature different mounting options, such as flange mounts, foot mounts, or trunnion mounts. The specific mounting style depends on the application and equipment requirements.

Accessories and Features: The cylinder assembly can be equipped with additional accessories and features to enhance its functionality and versatility. Some common options include:

a. Cushions: Cushions are often integrated into the cylinder to provide smooth deceleration of the piston near the end of the stroke, reducing impact and wear.

b. Position Sensors: Cylinder assemblies can be equipped with position sensors to provide feedback on the position of the piston. This information can be used for precise control and monitoring.

c. Rod End Attachments: The rod end of the cylinder assembly may have various attachments, such as clevises or spherical bearings, to facilitate connection to the load or mechanism.

d. Port Configurations: The cylinder assembly may have different port configurations, such as NPT (National Pipe Thread) or SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), to accommodate the hydraulic fluid connections.
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