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The HMGC series piston pump is a type of axial piston pump, known for its high-pressure capabilities.

It operates by using a set of pistons that move axially within a cylinder block. As the pistons reciprocate, they draw in hydraulic fluid and then pressurize it, making it an ideal choice for applications that require high-pressure hydraulic power.

Displacement Range:
The HMGC series is available in various displacement options, ranging from smaller units to larger ones, allowing for a wide range of flow rates and pressure outputs. This versatility makes it suitable for diverse applications in industries like construction, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Pressure Rating:
These piston pumps are designed to handle high-pressure applications. The pressure rating typically ranges from 2500 to 5000 PSI (pounds per square inch), depending on the specific model and displacement. This makes them well-suited for tasks that demand substantial hydraulic force.

Compact Design:
The compact design of the HMGC series piston pump allows for easy integration into hydraulic systems with limited space. Their compact size is especially advantageous in mobile equipment and vehicles, where space is often at a premium.

Efficiency and Performance:
HMGC piston pumps are renowned for their high efficiency and performance.

They are designed to minimize energy losses, ensuring that a significant portion of the input power is effectively transferred to hydraulic output power. This efficiency results in reduced energy consumption and better overall system performance.

Variable Displacement Options:
Many models in the HMGC series feature variable displacement control, allowing for the adjustment of hydraulic flow according to the application's requirements. This feature enhances control and efficiency, as it enables operators to fine-tune the system's output to match varying loads.

Long Service Life:
The durability and longevity of HMGC piston pumps are significant advantages. They are built with high-quality materials and precision engineering to withstand harsh operating conditions and provide a long service life, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Wide Range of Applications:
These piston pumps find applications in various industries, including construction, agriculture, material handling, forestry, and manufacturing. They are commonly used in hydraulic systems for heavy equipment, such as excavators, loaders, and bulldozers, as well as in industrial machinery and presses.
HMGC Series Piston Pump Parts | Tonkee®