China Black A4VG56 Oil Filling Rexroth Hydraulic Charge Pump | Partsdic®

 Black A4VG56 Oil Filling, Rexroth Hydraulic Charge Pump | Partsdic®

Model: The A4VG56 is part of the A4VG series of axial piston variable displacement pumps produced by Bosch Rexroth.

It is renowned for its versatility and performance.

Displacement: The number '56' in the model name signifies the displacement of the pump in cubic centimeters (cc) per revolution. In this case, it is 56 cc per revolution, which can be customized based on specific application requirements.

Pressure Rating: The A4VG56 is capable of operating at high pressures, often reaching up to 350 bar (approximately 5076 psi). This makes it suitable for heavy-duty hydraulic systems.

Flow Rate: The pump can deliver a variable flow rate, adjustable to suit the needs of different applications. The flow rate can vary from 8 to 80 liters per minute, depending on the specific settings and displacement.

Mounting: This charge pump is typically mounted directly onto the hydraulic system and is designed to work seamlessly with other hydraulic components such as valves, cylinders, and motors.

Drive Mechanism: It can be driven by a hydraulic motor or an electric motor, depending on the setup of the hydraulic system.


Charge Pump: The primary function of the A4VG56 is to act as a charge pump. It supplies hydraulic fluid under pressure to the system's main hydraulic pump, ensuring a continuous and adequate supply of fluid for the hydraulic system's operation. This is crucial for maintaining system pressure and enabling the system to respond quickly to load changes.

Variable Displacement: The A4VG56 is a variable displacement pump, which means that it can adjust its output flow to match the changing demands of the hydraulic system. This feature allows for energy efficiency and precise control of hydraulic functions.

Pressure Regulation: It is equipped with pressure compensation and pressure control mechanisms that help maintain system pressure within the desired range. This is essential for protecting the hydraulic components from overpressure conditions.

Efficiency: Bosch Rexroth is known for its commitment to efficiency, and the A4VG56 is no exception. It is designed to minimize energy loss and reduce heat generation, ensuring that the hydraulic system operates at peak efficiency.
Black A4VG56 Oil Filling Rexroth Hydraulic Charge Pump | Partsdic®