China Kawasaki Excavator Hydraulic Pump K5V160DTP-9Y04 CX350 KSJ12240 | Partsdic®

Kawasaki Excavator Hydraulic Pump, K5V160DTP-9Y04 CX350 KSJ12240 | Partsdic®

Displacement: The K5V160DTP-9Y04 has a displacement of 160cc per revolution, which determines the volume of hydraulic fluid it can move with each rotation.

This displacement allows it to generate the necessary hydraulic force for various excavator functions.

Maximum Pressure: The pump is designed to operate at high pressure, with a maximum pressure rating of approximately 350 bar (5,000 PSI). This high-pressure capability ensures that the excavator can perform demanding tasks with ease.

Efficiency: The K5V160DTP-9Y04 is known for its high volumetric and mechanical efficiency. It minimizes energy loss, leading to reduced fuel consumption and optimized system performance.

Control Options: This hydraulic pump offers various control options, including load sensing and pressure compensating controls, allowing for precise and responsive control of the excavator's hydraulic system.

Operating Speed: The pump's operating speed is determined by the engine speed and the system requirements.

It is engineered to work seamlessly with the excavator's power source, ensuring optimal performance.

Design and Durability: Kawasaki pumps are known for their robust construction and durability. They are designed to withstand the tough conditions of construction and excavation work, including exposure to dust, debris, and extreme temperatures.

Port Configuration: The K5V160DTP-9Y04 features multiple port options, which can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of the hydraulic system it is integrated into.

Noise Reduction: The pump incorporates noise reduction technology to minimize the noise generated during operation, contributing to a more comfortable and less disruptive work environment.

Seal Options: Kawasaki offers a range of seal options to accommodate different working conditions, including seals that are resistant to dust and contaminants.

Interchangeability: The K5V160DTP-9Y04 is designed for ease of installation and maintenance, with the possibility of interchangeability with other pumps in the K3V/K5V series, making it easier to source replacement parts.
K5V160DTP-9Y04 CX350 KSJ12240 | Partsdic® Kawasaki Excavator Hydraulic Pump