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 3306 C6.4 C7 C9 C-9 Excavator, Engine Cylinder Liner Engine Spare Parts | Tonkee®

Cylinder Protection: Cylinder liners protect the engine block from the wear and tear caused by the reciprocating motion of the pistons.

This helps extend the lifespan of the engine.

Heat Dissipation: They facilitate heat dissipation, ensuring that the engine operates within the desired temperature range. Efficient heat dissipation is essential to prevent overheating and damage to the engine.

Sealing: Cylinder liners create a tight seal with the piston rings, preventing the leakage of gases and oil into the engine's crankcase.

Maintenance and Repair: In the event of cylinder wear or damage, cylinder liners can be easily replaced, reducing the need for a complete engine overhaul and saving time and money.

The specifications for cylinder liners for the 3306, C6.4, C7, C9, and C-9 excavator engines are critical to ensuring optimal engine performance and longevity. These specifications can include:

Material: Cylinder liners are typically made from cast iron, alloy steel, or other high-strength materials to withstand the stresses and temperatures generated by engine operation.

Bore Diameter: The bore diameter of the cylinder liner must precisely match the internal diameter of the engine block to ensure a proper fit and effective sealing.

Wall Thickness: The thickness of the cylinder liner's walls must meet specific standards to provide the necessary strength and heat dissipation properties.

Surface Finish: A smooth surface finish on the interior of the cylinder liner is essential for maintaining an effective seal and reducing friction between the liner and piston rings.

Installation Method: Some cylinder liners may require specific installation methods, such as dry or wet sleeves, which depend on the engine design.

Compatibility: Cylinder liners must be compatible with the 3306, C6.4, C7, C9, and C-9 engine models, ensuring a proper fit and performance.

Durability: They must be able to withstand the demanding conditions of excavator use, including high temperatures, pressure, and mechanical stress.
3306 C6.4 C7 C9 C-9 Excavator Engine Cylinder Liner Engine Spare Parts | Tonkee®