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The A10VD series piston pump is designed with an axial piston arrangement, which allows it to provide precise and controlled fluid flow in hydraulic systems.

It features a rugged and compact design, making it suitable for both mobile and industrial applications. The pump comprises various components, including the housing, cylinder block, pistons, swash plate, and control mechanisms, all engineered to work in harmony for efficient fluid displacement.

Flow and Pressure Ratings:
The A10VD series offers a wide range of flow and pressure options to meet different application requirements. These pumps can deliver flow rates ranging from a few liters per minute to over 100 liters per minute. Moreover, they are designed to handle operating pressures up to several hundred bar (thousands of PSI), making them suitable for both low and high-pressure systems.

Control Options:
One of the standout features of the A10VD series is its versatile control options. These pumps are available with various control mechanisms, including:

Pressure Compensator (A10VD17, A10VD21): These models are equipped with a pressure compensator that adjusts the displacement to maintain a set pressure in the system. This control method is suitable for applications where maintaining a constant pressure is critical.

Load Sensing (A10VD43, A10VD71): Load-sensing models are designed to adjust the flow rate based on the load demand. This control mechanism is highly efficient and ideal for applications where varying loads are common.

Electric Proportional Control (A10VD71): Some A10VD models feature electric proportional control, allowing for precise control of flow and pressure via electrical signals.

This feature is particularly beneficial in applications where automation and remote control are required.

Efficiency and Durability:
The A10VD series is engineered for maximum efficiency, which results in energy savings and reduced heat generation. The design minimizes internal leakage, ensuring that a large portion of the input energy is transferred into useful hydraulic work. The pump's robust construction, quality materials, and manufacturing standards contribute to its durability and long service life, reducing maintenance and downtime.

Fluid Compatibility:
These pumps are compatible with a wide range of hydraulic fluids, including mineral-based oils, synthetic fluids, and environmentally friendly options. This versatility ensures that they can be used in various industrial and mobile applications without concerns about fluid compatibility.
A10VD Series Piston Pump Parts | Tonkee®