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 EATON VICKERS PVE Series, straight axle variable displacement pump | Partsdic®

Variable Displacement Design: The PVE Series pumps are known for their variable displacement design, which allows for the adjustment of fluid flow to meet specific system requirements.

This feature provides flexibility in hydraulic systems, enabling precise control of machine movements and energy efficiency.

Displacement Range: These pumps come in a variety of displacement options to suit different application needs. The range typically covers from 16 cc/rev to 270 cc/rev, catering to both low-flow and high-flow hydraulic systems.

Pressure Ratings: PVE Series pumps are designed to operate at high pressure levels. They can handle pressures of up to 4000 psi (276 bar), making them suitable for demanding applications that require substantial force or work.

Efficiency: Eaton Vickers places a strong emphasis on efficiency, and the PVE Series pumps are no exception. They are engineered for high volumetric efficiency and overall performance, helping to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Construction and Materials: These pumps are constructed with durable materials to withstand challenging industrial environments. Their robust design ensures long-term reliability, even under harsh conditions.

Control Options: The PVE Series pumps offer various control options, including pressure compensator and load-sensing control.

These control features help in maintaining consistent pressure and flow, enhancing the stability and performance of hydraulic systems.

Mounting Flexibility: These pumps come with a wide range of mounting options, making them adaptable to various installation scenarios. This flexibility simplifies integration into hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic Fluid Compatibility: PVE Series pumps are designed to be compatible with a range of hydraulic fluids, including mineral oils, synthetic oils, and biodegradable fluids. This versatility allows for compatibility with different applications and industries.

Low Noise and Vibration: To create a more comfortable working environment and extend the life of the pump and other system components, the PVE Series pumps are engineered for reduced noise and vibration levels.

Sealing Options: These pumps are available with different sealing options to suit the requirements of specific applications. This includes options for use in systems with a wide temperature range.

Integrated Relief Valve: Many models within the PVE Series come with an integrated relief valve, providing additional protection for the hydraulic system by preventing overpressure.

Compact Design: These pumps are designed with compact dimensions, making them suitable for applications where space is limited.
EATON VICKERS PVE Series straight axle variable displacement pump | Partsdic®