OEM DH55 4JB1 897204-7130 Excavator Engine Parts 12V 11T 3.5KW Starter Motor | Partsdic®

DH55 4JB1 897204-7130, Excavator Engine Parts 12V 11T 3.5KW Starter Motor | Partsdic®

The DH55 4JB1 897204-7130 is a powerful and reliable excavator engine commonly used in construction and excavation equipment.

This engine is known for its durability, efficiency, and ability to provide consistent power in demanding work environments. To ensure smooth engine operation and reliability, the starter motor is a critical component.

Starter Motor Specifications

Voltage: The DH55 4JB1 897204-7130 excavator engine's starter motor operates at 12 volts. The 12V rating signifies the electrical potential required to engage the motor's armature and initiate the engine's starting process.

Tooth Count: This starter motor is equipped with 11 teeth (11T) on the pinion gear. The number of teeth is crucial, as it determines the motor's engagement with the engine's flywheel ring gear. In this case, the 11-tooth design ensures secure and efficient engagement.

Power Output: The starter motor generates a robust 3.5 kilowatts (KW) of power. This high power rating is essential for cranking the engine, especially in cold weather conditions or when the engine has been idle for an extended period. The 3.5KW power output guarantees rapid and reliable engine starting.

Significance of Starter Motor

The starter motor serves a vital role in the operation of the DH55 4JB1 897204-7130 excavator engine.

Here are some key aspects of its significance:

Engine Initiation: When the operator turns the key to start the engine, the starter motor comes into action. It engages with the engine's flywheel ring gear and rotates it, initiating the combustion process. The 3.5KW power output ensures that the engine cranks swiftly and effectively.

Reliability: The reliability of the starter motor is crucial in construction and excavation applications where downtime can be costly. The DH55 4JB1 897204-7130's starter motor is built to withstand heavy usage and adverse conditions, ensuring that the engine can be started consistently without fail.

Cold Weather Performance: In cold weather conditions, engines can be more challenging to start due to thicker fluids and increased resistance. The 3.5KW power output of this starter motor provides the necessary force to overcome these challenges, making it well-suited for a wide range of climates and working conditions.

Durability: The starter motor's design, with 11 teeth and other robust components, ensures its durability over extended periods of use. This durability is especially crucial in demanding construction environments, where equipment often faces significant wear and tear.
DH55 4JB1 897204-7130 Excavator Engine Parts 12V 11T 3.5KW Starter Motor | Partsdic®