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 HAWE Hydraulic pump, V60N series | Partsdic®

Efficiency and Performance: The V60N series pump is known for its exceptional efficiency and high-performance capabilities.

It is designed to provide a steady and consistent flow of hydraulic fluid, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Variable Displacement: These pumps offer variable displacement, which means that the output flow can be adjusted to meet specific application requirements. This feature allows for precise control and energy savings.

Compact Design: The V60N series is compact in size, making it easy to install in various hydraulic systems. Its space-saving design is especially valuable when working with limited installation space.

Rugged and Durable: HAWE is renowned for producing durable and reliable hydraulic components. The V60N series is no exception, built to withstand the rigors of demanding industrial environments.

Low Noise Emission: These pumps are designed to operate with minimal noise, enhancing the comfort and safety of the working environment.

Wide Range of Control Options: The V60N series offers a variety of control options, including pressure compensators, load-sensing control, and electronic control, allowing for flexibility in system design and operation.

Technical Specifications:

Displacement: The V60N series is available in various displacement options, typically ranging from 16 to 190 cc/rev. This allows you to choose the right displacement to match your specific system requirements.

Operating Pressure: These pumps are capable of operating at high pressures, with pressure ratings typically up to 350 bar (5075 psi), ensuring they can handle demanding applications.

Speed Range: The V60N series is suitable for a wide speed range, enabling adaptation to different application needs.

Fluid Compatibility: These pumps are compatible with a variety of hydraulic fluids, including mineral oil-based fluids and environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids.

Mounting Options: They are available with various mounting options, including SAE flange and ISO flange configurations, making them adaptable to different system setups.

Integrated Controls: Some models in the V60N series come with integrated controls for improved system performance and efficiency.
HAWE Hydraulic pump V60N series | Partsdic®