OEM 5174920 Fan Hydraulic Motor | Partsdic®

 5174920 Fan, Hydraulic Motor | Partsdic®

Part Number: The 5174920 Fan Hydraulic Motor is identified by its unique part number, which simplifies procurement and replacement procedures.

Hydraulic Power Source: This motor operates through hydraulic power, making it highly efficient and suitable for heavy-duty applications. It converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, driving the fan's rotation.

Output Torque: The motor generates a specific level of torque, which determines its ability to rotate the fan. The 5174920 Fan Hydraulic Motor is designed to deliver a substantial amount of torque, ensuring efficient fan operation.

Flow Rate: It is crucial to match the motor's flow rate requirements with the hydraulic system's capacity to ensure optimal performance.

Rotation Speed: The motor's rotation speed is a vital specification, as it directly influences the fan's RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). The 5174920 Fan Hydraulic Motor is engineered to meet specific speed requirements, contributing to effective cooling.

Mounting Configuration: The motor is designed to be easily integrated into various systems, with different mounting options to suit specific applications.


Durability: The 5174920 Fan Hydraulic Motor is built to withstand harsh industrial environments.

It is constructed using robust materials and advanced engineering techniques, ensuring long-term reliability.

Efficiency: Hydraulic motors are known for their high efficiency, ensuring that the motor's power is effectively transferred to fan rotation. This efficiency helps reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Temperature Tolerance: The motor can operate in extreme temperature conditions, making it suitable for both hot and cold environments.

Compact Design: Its compact design allows for easy integration into various equipment, even in applications with limited space.

Low Maintenance: The 5174920 Fan Hydraulic Motor typically requires minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
5174920 Fan Hydraulic Motor | Partsdic®