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5120949 Piston, Hydraulic Motor | Partsdic®

High Efficiency: The 5120949 motor is known for its high efficiency, which results in reduced energy consumption and increased productivity.

It allows for the efficient conversion of hydraulic energy into mechanical work.

Robust Construction: Partsdic® has designed this motor with durability in mind. It features a rugged construction, ensuring it can withstand tough working conditions and prolonged use.

Variable Displacement: This hydraulic motor offers variable displacement, which means it can adjust its output speed and torque according to the specific application requirements. This flexibility enhances its versatility.

Compact Design: The motor's compact design allows for easy integration into various hydraulic systems, even when space is limited.

High Torque Output: The 5120949 motor delivers high torque, making it suitable for applications where substantial rotational force is required.

Smooth Operation: It provides smooth and precise operation, ensuring minimal noise and vibration during operation.

Working Principles:

The 5120949 Piston Hydraulic Motor operates based on the principles of hydraulic power transmission. It consists of a series of pistons connected to a rotating shaft within a housing. The hydraulic fluid, typically oil, is supplied under pressure to the motor's inlet ports. When the pressurized fluid enters the motor, it acts on the pistons, causing them to reciprocate within their respective cylinders.

As the pistons move, they transmit motion to the central shaft, resulting in rotary motion. By controlling the flow and pressure of the hydraulic fluid, the motor's speed and torque can be adjusted to meet the specific demands of the application. This flexibility in controlling the motor's displacement is a valuable feature, as it allows for fine-tuning performance.

Construction Equipment: These motors are employed in heavy machinery like excavators, bulldozers, and cranes for tasks such as lifting, digging, and material handling.

Agriculture: They are used in farming equipment, such as tractors and combine harvesters, to drive various implements and improve operational efficiency.

Industrial Machinery: In manufacturing and processing industries, these motors are used in conveyor systems, material handling equipment, and other industrial machinery.
5120949 Piston Hydraulic Motor | Partsdic®